Philips HD9220/20 Airfryer Healthier Oil Free Fryer

Philips Airfryer
1,425 Watts
Digital Timer
30 Page Recipe Booklet

The Philips Airfryer range has long been a favourite of ours and this model typifies why Philips continue to rake in great reviews. The style is similar to the Duonic and uses a patented ‘Rapid Air’ technology which blasts the food with high temperature air – up to 200 degrees celsius. The claim is that this crisps the food making it more like traditional fried food. In out ‘Chip Test’ we were very satisfied with the results.

In this review we decided to test one of the Philips range of low fat fryers and chose the ‘Philips HD9220/20 AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer’. As with all Philips products you can be assured of a good level of quality and this did not disappoint. Philips have taken a different approach to other manufacturers and have gone for a front draw as opposed to a top lid.

The fryer was more or less ready to use straight out of the box. What struck us was the excellent design of the unit and robust feel. The unit is pre-assembled and just required a quick wipe before use.
In our Philips Airfryer Healthier Oil Free Fryer tests, this model performed much better than we had expected and had been led to believe. Philips have kept this really simple and produced two models which are more or less identical in specification. Unlike the Tefal range, this model does not have a paddle with which to move the food around during cooking. Philips have gone for a completely different approach with their Patented Rapid Air technology. This blows very hot air through the food. It works great so long as there is space between the food for the air to pass through. With no paddle this has to be a consideration and means you need to be very careful not to over fill the basket. You can still give the contents a shake now and again just like you would with a traditional deep fat fryer and this will help produce evenly cooked chips. This model of Philips Airfryer has a relatively small capacity of 0.8Kg which may be a problem for larger families. This is smaller than the Tefal range which starts at 1Kg and goes up to 1.5Kg. Still, for most occasions this should be sufficient.

A complete range of Philips AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer and including larger models can be found here.

Adjustable temperature control

The Philips AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer and Viva Collection has an adjustable temperature control for different types of food. Just like a traditional deep fat fryer, you can adjust the temperature depending on what you are cooking.

Food separator accessory

As if to explain why the Philips AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer and Viva Collection do not have a rotating paddle, perhaps it is because they have something unique up their sleeves with the food separator accessory. This allows you to separate different food types and cook them together without the tastes affecting each other. We didn’t try it with fish but it worked fine for chips and chicken nuggets.

Cooking Chips (Fries)

As with our other low fat fryer reviews, we decided to test this out initially using frozen chips since they tend to come in a uniform size shape and are pre-coated with oil. We also tested hand cut chips later on and these worked almost just as well. We tried both with and without oil and concluded that a small amount of oil definitely improved the final results.

This fryer does not have a viewing window and so it is difficult to see how things are going unless you open the frying draw. This this is probably a good thing because we found that the food cooked better when shaken once or twice during cooking. This allowed the food to cook more uniformly and without burns. The results after a few attempts were very impressive and not that far off deep fried chips and much better than  oven chips. The chips were golden brown in the outside and fluffy white inside.

Other Food

We also used the Philips AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer for cooking spring rolls, indian snacks and chicken nuggets. These worked out very well. The recipe book is very comprehensive and provides clear instructions. As with our other reviews of low fat fryers,  as long as you follow the instructions you will get excellent results.


Our Philips Airfryer Healthier Oil Free Fryer Reviews showed some excellent results and much better than expected. As long  as you follow the instructions, don’t overfill you won’t be disappointed.