Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer Multicooker

Duronic AF1 :W Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer Multicooker
2.2 Litres
1,500 Watts
Comprehensive Cookbook

The Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer Multicooker has a very powerful heater and performed as good, if not better than any other low fat fryer we have tested. If lacks the multi-layer compartments that the larger low fat fryers and halogen ovens have but in all of our tests it performed excellently. It looks amazing and keeps food odours down to a minimum.


The Duronic AF1 / B Oil Free Jet Fryer is both a Low Fat Fryer and a Multicooker. It looks amazing and is a departure from the traditional halogen ovens and low fat fryers, following the style and design of Philips and a few others. We liked the retro look of the dials and the insulated cool wall exterior.Instead of having a hinged or removable lid, this fryer has an integral drawer with a basket for the food. There is no rotating paddles so we were a bit worries about how it would perform in our Chips Test. Would it cook evenly? read on.

The other impressive feature of the Duronic AF1 fryer is the 1,500 Watt heater. This is top of the range and in a unit of this size is capable of not only behaving like an oven but also frying. Not all Halogen Ovens or Multi-cookers are also good at frying, where intense heat is needed. The Duronic AF1 fryer, on the other hand has enough heat to compete with the pure low fat fryers such as from Tefal and Breville. In fact, the heater in the Duronic fryer is slightly more powerful.

In the box

Due to the design of the Duronic fryer, there is no real need for lots of shelves and tongs. Therefore, it comes just as is with a food basket that goes inside the drawer. This is useful of shaking mid way through the cooking process. With no rating paddles, it’s a do it yourself approach, just as you do with a deep fat fryer. No problem.

How does the Duronic AF1 Perform?

We decided to try the Duronic AF1 Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer by trying out a few of the recipes in its comprehensive cookbook. It is worth saying that the instruction that came with the book were particularly helpful. We had no problem at all getting up and running.
The other thing we noticed throughout the cooking was that the ‘enclosed’ unit meant very little cooking odours wafting around the kitchen. A real bonus and improvement over many other low fat fryers and halogen ovens.
Although many people purchase low far fryers and halogen ovens as an addition to their main oven etc. For some people with limited space, they are looking for something to be their main cooking device. Students, people living alone etc often don’t require a large oven or would look to reduce their electricity bills. That is why we always try and cook a range of food types. In these tests we decided to cook Chips, Chicken Legs and Chocaloate Muffins.

Chip Test

If you have read some of our other low fat fryer and halogen oven reviews you will know that we always like to run what we call our ‘chip test’. Apologies to our American friends but when we say ‘chips’ we are referring to what you might call ‘fries’. For our reviews we always use a bag of 1Kg frozen chips. This is sufficient to feed a family of 4. The reason we choose frozen chips is that they come in a fairly uniform size and are pre-coated in oil so make for a great way of comparing the results between different low fat fryers. Hand cut chips work just as well although you usually have to experiment with the thickness to get them perfect.If in doubt, read the manual.
We emptied 1Kg of frozen chips into the pre-heated fryer and off it went. With no viewer you can’t see what is going on inside. So, after 10 minutes, we opened the draw to take a look and also to give them a shake. With no rotating paddles this is necessary. This means that unlike traditional low fat fryers, you can’t just set them off and leave them for 20-25 minutes. After 10 minutes the chips were starting to change colour so we closed the draw and waiting until the timer alerted us to the end of the programme.
The results of our chip test were excellent. We always look for chips that have an even golden colour, are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. This did not disappoint. These were probably as good a result as we have had from any of our chip tests.


We then decided to cook cook some chicken legs. First, we coated them and then placed them in the fryer. Once again we gave them a shake and 15 minutes later they were cooked. Unbelievable. The intense heat from the Duronic AF1 Fryer works incredibly well and not only cooked the chicken through but turned it a nice golden colour. Crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside. This was very impressive.


Our next test was a bit of a wild card. We decided to bake some muffins. This should be possible but we had our doubts. We whipped up a batch of Betty Crocker chocolate muffins (we really like Betty Crocker by the way) and following the instructions, set them cooking. The results were not bad but a bit too over cooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside. This probably means the temperature was too high and you have to experiment to get it right. Not a bad effort though.


There is not much to say about cleaning. You take out the drawer and basket and wipe or wash with soapy water. The internals can be wiped clean. It couldn’t be easier.


We think that the Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer Multicooker really lives up to its name and performs as good as any dedicated low fat fryer we have tested. It can’t compete with the larger Halogen Ovens with their 12-17 Litre capacity but for what it does it does very well indeed.