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Steamed Vegables and Fish
Before you buy a food steamer, take a look at our reviews

Food Steamer Reviews

Food Steamers are amongst the most healthy of all cooking appliances you can buy. They are also relatively inexpensive. A food steamer retains much of the food’s nutrients such as vitamins B and C plus a range of minerals. Another health benefit of food steamers is that the action of steaming actually removed fat from the food. This is not so much of an issue if you are cooking vegetables but food steamers can be used for a whole range of cooking; some of which may be new to you. For example, food steamers are ideal for cooking fish and poultry.

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Many people claim that steamed food retains the colour and taste of the food. Also, that since the steaming action is more gentle than say direct boiling, roasting or frying, there is less chance of over cooking the food. It is for this reason that food steamers can usually allow food to be stacked on top of each other. This allows different types of food to be cooked at once.

In addition to the health and quality benefits is the convenience that a food steamer provides. It takes up little room on the work top and does not require a space on the cooker or hob. You can also leave them to get on with their job and depending on the model, they will let you know when the food is cooked.

Choosing Food Steamers

There are many ways to steam your food and here we take a look at the most common food steamers and then we recommend which are the best.

Firstly you can steam your food in the traditional way by using food steamers that sits on top of a pan of water. This is how my Grandmother did it and it works fine. The down side is that the actual equipment costs about as much as an electric food steamer and you don’t get all the benefits that come with electric food steamers such as a timer. Plus, you do tend to generate a lot of steam around the kitchen with occasional spits of hot water firing at you.

Popular with Asians are the Bamboo food steamers. These are similar to the first option but made from a wicker type bamboo box with a lid on. They usually sit in a Wok or a pan of boiling water. They do work very well and are an absolute essential for some Asian foods but have the same disadvantages as the old fashioned steamers.

The third option is the microwave food steamers. I have tried these and am not a big fan. They are very difficult to gauge in terms of time and you can’t get very much in there at once.

Finally, we come to the electric food steamers. These have many advantages and are exceptionally good value. Some of the advantages of electric food steamers are:

  • Built in timer to alert you when the cooking has completed
  • Can cook several layers of food at the same time
  • Are safe to use
  • They take up only a small amount of space and free up you hob and microwave for other uses
  • They are excellent value

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