Best Deep Fat Fryers Reviews

If you are thinking of buying a deep fat fryer but don't know which to get, read our reviews and see what's what.

Deep Fat Fryer Reviews

Deep Fat Fryers are found in almost all kitchens in the UK and are a versatile cooking appliance when the oven or hob simply won’t do. Fried food may not be recommended every day but let’s face it, on the day you do have it you can’t beat that fried food taste that only the deep fat fryer will give. Whilst all food companies have been very inventive at making oven ready alternatives for things like chips and asian stacks, they simply don’t taste the same when cooked in the oven. Deep fried foods are a favourite with all ages and nationalities and that’s why there are so many different deep fat fryers to choose from.

De’Longhi F34412CZ Pro Coolzone Deep Fat Fryer (4.1/5.0)

De’Longhi F34412CZ Pro Coolzone Deep Fat Fryer

1KG Food and 3KG Oil
2400 Watts
Coolzone Technology with overheating cut-out
Best Prices ▶ Review ▶

This fryers heats up an impressive 3 Litres of cooking oil in record time. The large capacity means it maintains a high temperature throughout cooking. It scored highly on our chip test. Golden brown in the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. It also has coolwall technology which prevents fallen off bits of food from burning - keeping the oil fresh for longer.

If you are considering buying a deep fat fryer you first may want to consider the new alternative, which is the low fat fryer. They ‘fry’ the food in only a spoonful of oil and are therefore much more healthy than a deep fat fryer. That said, they are more expensive and some would argue that they don’t taste the same. But, if you are still looking for a deep fat fryer we have some information that will help you make your choice.

The cost of the deep fat fryer has reduced significantly in the last few years as more and more come on to the market. This is great news for anyone ready to make a purchase. However, you will want to own your fryer for years to come and so you will want to make sure you select the one that is right for you. If you are not sure which to buy or can’t make your mind up read on where we look at the different types and feature to look out for. If you are more or less ready to make your purchase then why not go straight to our online deep fat fryer store where you will find a huge range of deep fat fryers sourced from our partners and all at the great prices.

Types of Deep Fat Fryers

Buying a Deep Fat Fryer is not as straightforward as it sounds. There are not only lots of different brands to choose from but there are lots of different types and features as well. One of the first considerations is whether you want a plastic or a stainless steel unit. This is not just an aesthetic choice, the plastic ones are generally also ‘Cool Wall’ which means you won’t burn yourself if you actually touch the wall of the fryer. This is not true of all stainless steel appliances but is generally the case. The plastic ranges usually also have a safety lock that avoids splashes of hot fat. Again, it is not always the case that stainless steel fryers don’t have a safety lock but you are more likely to find one on a plastic unit. Other features to look out for are a viewing window so that you can view the food cooking without opening the lid and therefore loosing heat. This is also available on many plastic units. One feature that is an absolute must and is available on nearly all decent branded deep fat fryers is a temperature thermostat so that you know what temperature the oil is at when frying. This is not only very important from a cooking point of view but also from a safety point of view. A good fryer should have a safety cut out feature to avoid fires. Other features that you may want to look out for are a ready to use indicator, basket size and digital timer. One of the most tiresome aspects of the deep fat fryer is cleaning. Therefore, you may want to consider whether there is a drainage point, whether it needs filters and how these are cleaned. Finally, some deep fat fryers now have a cool zone. This means that food, which has fallen out of the basket, won’t keep cooking after the heat has turned off. It may not sound like much but this will extend the life of your cooking oil by helping to prevent it going rancid.

Making a choice

In reviewing the various types and brands of deep fat fryers we were impressed by the overall quality. For home use, we would not recommend stainless steel units without the cool wall feature and lockable lid, as we believe they present a safety risk due to the heat of the unit and the opportunity for fat to splash out. We think these types of units are probably better at frying but due to the extra care needed with them, would recommend the plastic cool wall deep fat fryers for home use. This is just our opinion. When I was young my mother used to cook ships in a ‘chip pan’, which was basically a large heavy-duty pan with a wire basket in it. I suppose when you consider the dangers inherent in those days, anything you can buy these days is better than the chip pan.

Our Top 6 Deep Fat Fryer Selection

Here is out top 6 selection of deep fat fryers out of the many we have used and tested. You can find more information about each of these in our full reviews. In order to test each unit we prepared batches of food such as chips, asian snacks, doughnuts, battered fish etc. We then compare the food once cooked.

De’Longhi F34412CZ Professional Coolzone Fryer Total Clean

This deep fat fryers has a large capacity, comes apart for easy cleaning and has a cool zone system. It has a hot exterior but is still a great unit.

Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer, White

This is a plastic unit with cool wall and rising basket making frying easy and safe. It is also easy to clean although perhaps not as easy as the De’Longi.

De’Longhi F28313.BK Roto Fryer with Timer – Black

This is another De’Longhi deep fat fryer with lots of features, including rising basket, timer, cool wall technology, ant-odour filter and more besides. This is one our favourites and well worth the price.

Mini Deep Fat Fryer by Lloytron

We included this mini deep fat fryer because we recognise that many people live alone and it makes a lit of sense to have a smaller fryer which uses less oil and electricity. It still includes some great feature and all at a great price. For those living alone this is a no brainer.

Bestron AYC508 Deep Fat Fryer (5 Litre Capacity, 2000W & Lid Lock) – White

If large is what you are after from a plastic domestic cool wall deep fat fryer then look no further than this unit from Bestron. You may not have heard of them before but don’t let that put you off. A host of features and probably the largest capacity of its type.

Breville VDF054 Deep Fat Fryer – Silver

You can’t go wrong with Breville as this unit proves. All you expect and need from a deep fat fryer.Fully featured and large capacity.


We hope whatever deep fat fryer you eventually choose will serve you well for years to come. If you look after your deep fat fryer, it last for years.