Low Fat Fryers UK – Reviews of Breville, Tefal and Philips Healthy ‘No Oil’ Airfryers

Low Fat Fryers UK - chips

Low Fat Fryer Reviews UK

Low Fat Fryers (also called Healthy Fryers, Airfryers and No Oil Fryers) were one of the best selling kitchen appliances of 2012 in the UK and are aimed to sell even more in 2013. It is hard to imagine fried food without the deep fat fryer and the associated pan of oil but that is exactly what these low fat fryers do. These Airfryers ‘fry’ your food without needing a pan of oil. Not only does this result in a healthy fryer but the no oil fryer is a safe fryer since you don’t need to boil a pan of oil in the kitchen. Deep fat fryers were an improvement on the original chip pan in terms of safety but still presented a fire hazard. The low fat fryer or airfryer removes this risk making the kitchen a safer environment.

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Low Fat Fryers UK - Use Less Oil

Low Fat Fryers Use Less Oil

Low Fat Fryers make healthy fryers since they use less oil.  Whilst these are sometimes referred to as no oil fryers, they do require some oil but only a little. This is probably the single most important reason why people are switching to them in their thousands. Less oil or no oil fryers means healthy fryers.
The low fat fryer has definitely made it’s mark but just how good is it at frying your favourite food? Well, we have tried several of these and we can report that not all healthy fryers are the same. Some work differently, some produce better results and others have additional features. Some produce perfect chips and some are frankly disappointing. So, if you are considering replacing your deep fat fryer you should read on. However, if having read all about healthy low fat fryers and you are not convinced, go to our deep fat fryers page and see what’s available over there. If you are feeling really healthy, we also have a page all about Steamers. Whatever product you choose, you can purchase directly from this website with great savings.

How do Airfryers or Low Fat Fryers Work?

The original healthy low fat fryer hit the marker several years ago and had a rotating basket set at an angle which allowed the food to be basted in a pool of hot oil. This meant that the contents were fried in hot oil but didn’t sit in the oil during the whole process. These rotating low fat fryers were the first and still exist. The more recent fryers heat the food using a powerful halogen lamp with a strong fan to maintain a consistent temperatures hence ‘Airfyer’. To avoid burning the food, the contents are coated in oil but you only require a small spoon full of oil for the whole pan – hence the term ‘low fat fryers’ or ‘no oil fryers’. If you are using frozen chips (fries) then you don’t require the oil as frozen chips are already coated in oil. In fact, unlike deep fat fryers, we found that frozen chips tasted better than home cut chips but not significantly.

Rotating Paddles

Low Fat Fryers UK - make Great Chips

Low Fat Fryers make Great Chips

Some models provide a rotating paddle which ensures the food is moved around and therefore evenly distributed. Others have the rotating paddle as an option (some foods don’t need one) and others don’t have one at all. In our tests, those that don’t have a rotating paddle performed worst when cooking chips (fries) as without the paddle they cooked unevenly resulting in some burning and some remaining ‘firm’. The photograph to the left was taken by a real customer and clearly shows these chips are cooked to perfection dispelling any rumours that low fat fryers can’t cook decent chips. In fact, these type of low fat fryers containing a paddle are ideal for chips and is one of the main reasons why customers buy them and one of the most cooked items they are used for.


The capacity of the low fat fryers is also a consideration depending on your family size. Most of these can cope with 1KG of contents which is about the same size as a family bag of frozen chips (fries) and on par with deep pan friers. You can also find 1.5KG capacity fryers but these tend to be disproportionately more expensive – by as much as 80% more.

Health Benefits

Since the low fat fryers use less fat, they earn their name ‘healthy fryers’. We cannot provide any hard facts about the difference compared to a deep fat fryer but some manufacturers claim that the there is an 85% less consumption of fat with the low fat fryer compared to the deep fat fryer. There are further benefits to be had since the oil is not reused as it tends to be in deep fat fryers. This means the oil does not become rancid. Rancid oil is formed by heating and re-heating and is responsible for free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for a range of illnesses such as raised cholesterol levels, obesity, weight gain and even cancer. Whichever way you look at this, low fat fryers can can only be good for those looking to reduce their fat intake for themselves and their families.

Cooking Times

Low fat fryers take slightly longer to cook than standard deep fat fryers. However, they do warm up much quicker than deep fat fryers and so what you loose with one you gain with the other. You also have the advantage that unlike deep fat fryers which have to be shaken and checked every so often, with the low fat fryer you just set them off and lave them to cook. This is probably more the case with the rotating paddle models.


The low fat fryer / no oil fryer / Airfryer provides a healthy and viable alternative to the deep fat fryer. It cooks great looking and tasting chips (fries) without the health hazards often associated with deep fat frying. It can take slightly longer to cook but can be left to get on with it unlike traditional deep fat fryers fryers. However, some are definitely better than others and we do recommend you check our our reviews before buying.

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